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[CMEF] Hypnus respiratory humidification solution debut first successful show
release time:2019-10-23


    The 82nd China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) has ended in Qingdao. At this exhibition, Hypnus brought its respiratory humidification solution to the show.

    After four days of communication and learning, Hypnus' products have been favored and praised by dealers and experts all over the country. The brand appeal from Hypnus is shining in the sun, innovation and medical care, focusing on communication. The collision resonates with the moving resonance.

    Guangzhou Hypnus Healthcare Co., Ltd is a Hong Kong Yongsheng Medical Group (stock code HK:01612) company specializing in the research and development of medical devices in the field of respiratory and sleep health. It is committed to promoting the domestic ventilator industry through product and business model innovation. development of. The company is a technology leader in the field of sleep and respiratory health, with a distinctive product line and strong market competitiveness, and has formed a complete R&D, production system and marketing service network all over the world.

    Since its establishment, Hypnus has not been afraid of monopoly, and has occupied a place in the domestic ventilator market with its breakthrough R&D hard power and unique service system. A new round of medical device revolution has brought more opportunities and challenges. Hypnus will continue to calm down and focus on R&D to create more word-of-mouth work like Hypnus 8 PAP Device to promote the development and progress of the domestic ventilator market.