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Hypnus household ventilator appeared in the 78th CMEF in Kunming
release time:2017-11-03

  On October 29, 2017, the 78th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo (CMEF) officially kicked off in the expectation. This world-famous feast, Hypnus shows the world the quality products we have crafted.

  After the opening of the exhibition, Hypnus' unique home-made booth attracted many visitors to visit. The innovative design and superior performance of the products were amazing, and they demanded trial products.

  Through continuous research and development experiments, Hypnus has launched a new ST sleep ventilator, which meets the user's clinical treatment needs, and combines a number of patented noise reduction technologies with intelligent algorithms to provide users with a comfortable sleep experience.

  A row of neatly arranged sleep ventilators on the stand witnessed the strong determination of Hypnus to move forward step by step; the innovative design of the home and the comfort of the product were experienced frustrations and wisdom collisions with countless failures. As a result, all of this embodies the hard work and sweat behind the Pule people; every time we make technological innovations and breakthroughs, we are advancing the healthy development of human sleep.

      Through this exhibition, Hypnus not only demonstrated our innovative products and technical strength, but also gained full popularity and new partners. In the future, we will not forget our original intentions and always adhere to the mission of “Innovation for affordable high performance sleep & respiration care” to create a new era of health care industry with better products and sleep breathing solutions.